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Return Man is a Platform & Sports video game, which is developed by Mini Monster Media. This video game serves kind gameplay with remarkable auxiliary elements. Mini Monster Media had been praised for successfully created Return Man, which led to the formation of its successors. Let’s check it up together!

About game:

What would you do if you were chosen to be the most important member of a Sports team? Since you will be taking the lead role of this Platform & Sports video game Return Man, you will be able to either make your team proud of yourself or bring them from failure to failure. As you can see, in this video game Return Man, you will be playing at the position of a Blocker in an American Football match.

Your task is catching the punt, racing down the field and returning it in order to score a touchdown. This mission sounds easy, but when you know that the defenders will also be included in the match, you may have to change your opinion about it. Since you are trying to take the victory from the defenders, they will try their best to knock you down right before you find yourself at the end of the field. However, you still have to keep your head up and fight like a true fighter. The help of your movements and strategies will give you the chance to do a miracle.

After each match, you will get to see the result, which includes your actual scores and the bonuses. The quicker your score a touchdown, the more bonuses you get. Return Man sure equips you with some Special Moves, as they are your friends when you are in need. Even more, the game will blow your mind with beautiful graphics and smooth controls. With Return Man, you will be able to take part in an American football match. Try it now!

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How to play:

Press the I button to run forward.

Press the J button to run left.

Press the L button to run right.

Tips and tricks:

You may have to run to the end of the field on your own to score a touchdown, but while you are trying to achieve that, let your teammates help you.

You will be weaker than ever if you forget to pick up the booster that lying on the ground.

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