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Happy Wheels is an interesting but challenging ragdoll physics-based platform game that was created and published by Fancy Force in 2010. This game is known as a hard game with violence graphics and typical gameplay of a ragdoll physics. Developed for Web browser and mobile platforms, this game is one of the most addictive video games in the world. However, with violence graphics, this game is only suitable for adults.

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Happy Wheel is considered as a game with challenging and attractive gameplay. In this game, the player will control a chosen character to overcome all the obstacles on the way to reach the goal of the game. The goal of each level is different but usually, in most of the levels, the goal is to reach the finish line or gather enough tokens. In addition, many levels have alternate or nonexistent goals for the player.

As mentioned above, Happy Wheels is famous for violent graphics. In detail, the characters are easy to be decapitated, shot, loss of limbs and blood or crushed by various deadly obstacles in the game. In addition, the element of ragdoll-physics makes this game become more challenge and harder to control.

Happy Wheels version

Happy Wheels consists of Happy Wheels demo and Happy Wheels full version. The full version will allow the player to update game automatically while happy wheels demo can't do it. You only can play the full version on "total jerkface" - the home site of happy wheels created by Jim Bonacci. With happy wheels demo version, you can play right on this site - Happywheelsunblockedd.com.

Game Characters




Wheelchair Guy

He is the first character in this game and published in 2006. He is a middle age man and sits in a jet-powered wheelchair. He wears ragged clothes with several patches in a green shirt and purple pants that extend below his knees. He has no shoes and ties a bandage to his left forearm. The speed of the Wheelchair Guy is medium but when turning jet, his speed is very fast.

Segway guy


Segway guy is a quite young businessman and rides a silver-gray Segway that can jump into the air with a fast speed. He wears a gray-blue vest mixing with a white shirt, red tie, black shoes, and a white helmet on his head. His speed is above average even when out of the Segway.

Irresponsible Dad

Irresponsible Dad is a character who led his son to participate in the dangerous world of happy wheels. He wears a blue shirt mixing with khaki pants, black belts, white socks, and black shoes. Irresponsible Dad rides a bicycle with his son on the saddle. His son has brown hair and wears an orange shirt. Both these two characters are controlled simultaneously and their speed is medium.

Effective Shopper


Effective shopper is a female character. She is so fat and appears in the form of a housewife. In detail, she controls a motorized trolley and wears a green shirt and blue shorts. Her speed is average and she can't jump far because of her overweight.

Moped Couple


This couple consists of a young man and a young woman who ride a classic motorcycle. Normally, their speed is above average but when boosting the motorcycle, their speed becomes very fast.

Lawnmower Man


Lawnmower Man is a middle-aged black man who moves on a lawnmower. He wears gray shirts, blue jean, and a pair of red-white shoes. His lawnmower is durable and fast when moving on the flat ground. However, it is very slow and hard to get up the hill. In addition, his vehicle is able to break some items like chairs, tables, etc and suck up characters and food on the road.

Explorer guy

Explorer guy is a young man who controls a Mine Cart. He can move fast and very fast on the rails.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the 8th character of happy wheels. As Santa in the fairy tales, Santa Claus is a fat man wearing red clothes. His vehicle is a Sleigh that is pulled by two goblins. The speed of Santa Claus is very slow possibly because of his weight.

Pogostick Man


Pogostick man is a young man who rides a Pogo Stick. His speed is very slow and he can't move up the slopes with this vehicle. Although his vehicle can't help him much, Pogostick Man is resistant to damage best in this game.

Irresponsible Mom



Irresponsible Mom is a character with two little children. She rides a two-seater bicycle in which her son sits on the basket in front of the steering and her little daughter sitting after her back. The speed of Irresponsible Mom is average and she doesn't have any special ability.

Helicopter Man



Helicopter Man is a fat man who controls a fast-moving Autogyro. The propellers of his helicopter are able to make damage and destroy other characters. Driving a helicopter so of course, the speed of this character is very fast.


How to Play:

Game controls

Before ejection

  • Up: Accelerate
  • Down: Reverse
  • Left: Lean backward
  • Right: Lean forwards
  • Z: Eject
  • Space: to perform the primary action
  • Shift/Ctrl: Perform secondary actions.

After Ejection

  • Use arrow keys to move the body
  • Space to grab and hold something.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep in mind going slow when you start playing the game. This can help you to protect your character from the obstacles.
  • If you are a newbie, let's try the game from easy levels.
  • Keep your finger hovering over the jump button to get ready to jump anytime.

Happy Wheels Unblocked Game:

We can't deny that happy wheels is really an excellent game with lots of challenges. This game can make people sit hourly in front of PC or mobile devices to play and find the way to overcome the obstacles. Moreover, lots of people want to play this game in various areas such as schools, office, restaurant, etc. However, most of these areas block gaming sites. This mean, it is very difficult to play happy wheels in these areas.

If you are one of them and looking for happy wheels unblocked demo version, happywheelsublockedd.com is the best place for you. On this site, we provide you with happy wheels unblocked full screen for free, so you can enjoy the game anywhere and whenever. Nowhere can block this unblocked happy wheels so you can freely enjoy the game without worry about anything.

Now, let's start the game and enjoy your time!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to grab?

Grabbing something only can perform after ejection. In order to grab in Happy Wheels, let's press spacebar then using the arrow keys to aim the right direction. When you want to throw the item just release the spacebar.

How to hold?

Similarly, you just press and hold the spacebar to grab and hold stuff.

Who made happy wheels?

Happy Wheels was created by Fancy Force. Its director is Jim Bonacci.

How to make a level?

In order to make a happy wheels level, let's check out the level editor mode and create your own levels there.

How to walk?

Happy Wheels use ragdoll physics in its gameplay, this makes the character's body is so hard to move. In fact, you can't walk in this game.

How to make happy wheels full screen?

Just press in the full-screen button, you can enjoy this game in full-screen mode.

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