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About game:

2048 has been very popular for a long time. This is a simple but highly addictive Puzzle game. Anytime you are free, you can play 2048 to find fun and relax, it really does this job well. And 2048 Cupcakes is a special update version 2048. If you feel interesting with 2048 then 2048 Cupcakes also gives you more than that. “It’s based off of puzzle games like 2048 except that instead of combining numbers to reach your goals, you are building cupcakes [1] ”.

In this game, you control cupcakes in a board. You start with the simplest cupcakes. Your task is to combine two identical cupcakes to create a whole new kind of cupcake, and you will also get points. There is no end point in Cupcakes 2048, the game only stops when you can't move anymore. All you have to do is achieve a high score, play the game again, beat your old record, and continue like that!

The game replaces the numbers with cupcakes to make you more comfortable with the game for a long time. When you click on the Cupcake feature button you will see the cupcakes you created. Come on, try this exciting game now!

2048 Cupcakes Unblocked

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How to play:

Press WASD or Arrow keys for moving these cupcakes.

Tips and tricks:

Think carefully before you move. Prioritize the same cupcakes that are close to each other!

If you have two premium cupcakes near each other, combine them first!

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