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About game:

Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon is a great Survival Horror game. It’s can be played on several platforms such as Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android. This game is very popular worldwide with many different versions. But today, we introduce to you Five Nights At Freddy, the first original version and also the most famous version.

Five Nights At Freddy will bring you thrilling sounds, creepy images, scary creatures ... In this game, you control Mike Schmidt (with a first-person perspective), a guard night of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant. You cannot leave the camera room and you can only follow other rooms through the camera system.

Your enemies are Animatronic and they can move at night. Animatronic will find ways to go into the camera room and kill you. With the electric door system and camera system, your goal is to survive for 5 nights. Look closely at the two rooms near the camera room, when Animatronic appears there, you need to close immediately.

In each night, you have to endure the 6-hour fear. Maybe Animatronic will not attack you on the first night, but who dares to make sure they won't come to you the next night? “The trick of it all is the battery bar at the bottom of the screen. Every action you take drains it, and drains it quickly” [1] . And that is the real challenge for you. Fear comes with pressure! Do you dare to try this game?

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How to play:

Use mouse to interact with objects on the screen.

Tips and tricks:

Focus on the two rooms next to you. When you see Animatronic, you need to close immediately!

Turn on the sound to hear your screams when you are killed!

Try the game on your phone via iOS and Android versions.

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