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About game:

Learn To Fly by Light Bringer Games is a Flying and Platform game. The game gives you a unique gameplay with fun elements. As we all know, penguins can't fly. But in Learn To Fly, our penguins don't accept that. The penguin is very wise and he finds a suitable place to fulfill his dream: a high slope. From here, the penguin will follow the slope and it will fly up into the air at the end of the slope.

Your task is to set the angle for the penguin and help it have a nice flight. Indicators will be recorded based on the height of the flight, the length of the flight, and other factors. The better the result of the penguin, the higher your reward will be. With the money earned after the flight, you can buy some items to upgrade penguins, such as Ramp Height, Acceleration,…

With simple graphics and fun gameplay, Learn To Fly will bring you a new wind. After a long and tiring day, Lean To Fly is a medicine to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Experience this game whenever you feel sad. Have a nice day!

Learn To Fly Unblocked:

Do you want to play Learn To Fly Unblocked for free? On the gaming site https://happywheelsunblockedd.com, this game is yours. Besides, you can also play many other great unblocked games like Learn To Fly Unblocked. Have fun!

How to play:

Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the angle for the penguin.

Use mouse to make options to the gameplay.

Tips and tricks:

Buy upgrades as soon as you have enough money!

Read the instructions for effective flying!

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