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About game:

Moto X3M released by studio Mad Puffers is an adventurous bike racing game in which you are a real racing driver. You will face dangerous situations and only new driving skills can help you complete the tasks in the game. Moto X3M has nice graphics, vivid background music, and highly addictive gameplay!

The game has many different levels with a new terrain. You will face big rocks, high hills, or even fly in the air with your moto. With 4 arrow keys, you can accelerate, brake, tilt right and left. You need to run to the destination position within the time allowed, and after completing a level you will have stars. Note that if you fall or fall into the abyss, the game will end and you have to start over!

Each map includes many short roads. After failing at one, you just have to re-start your motorbike at that road, not the whole race. There is a finishing mark at the end of a map, reaching it means that you have finished the level and be ready to move to the next one. With awesome design in the look and the map, Moto X3M is definitely a great choice in the genre of dirt bike racing game for you! Jump into the race and gain the stars for yourself now at Moto X3M!

Each terrain will have many short paths and savepoints. After a failure, you will start at the nearest savepoint. “You can control the acceleration and have your character lean their weight further forward or back to compensate in jumps or on some of the moving obstacles. It sounds simple, but it’s actually a lot more challenging than it sounds.” [1]. It's time to show off your driving skills!

Moto X3M Unblocked

Moto X3MUnblocked game is now available on https://happywheelsunblockedd.com. Just play your game and enjoy the weekend!

How to play:

Press arrow keys to accelerate, brake, tilt left and right.

Tips and tricks:

Try to complete the level as fast as you can to get the stars.

Play the game on your mobile phone via iOS and Android versions!

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