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About game:

Plants vs Zombies which made by PopCap Games is a premium Tower Defense game. Zombies are coming into your house and you must use the plants to destroy them. “Zombies are creeping on your lawn, and your garden is your last line of defense against these brain-crazy cannibals” [1]. First, the zombies will enter your garden and they will appear in-waves. You need to buy different plants to stop them. If a zombie enters your house, you will lose 1 life. When you lose all lives, the Plants vs Zombies game will end!

You have a list of different plants and of course they have different effects. Note that before starting 1 level, you will choose some limited plants to fight zombies. Therefore, you need a good strategy to win a level. The zombies at the later waves will be stronger and faster, and you need the shields to block them!

One of the most important plants is the sunflowers and potato. While Sunflowers produces solar energy - materials for you to buy plants, potato will make shields to prevent zombies from entering your home. Potato is low priced but very effective! Now, enter the game!

Plants vs Zombies Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the mouse to buy plants.

Tips and tricks:

Potato is low priced but very effective!

Some plants can kill enemies in a wide range!

Play the game on your phone via the iOS and Android devices.

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